Monday, April 19, 2010

Extreme Sunday Night - Part One

Sunday night, no sex all weekend and I was feeling deprived. Hadn’t planned on going to the baths, needed to get up early the next day; but what the hell. I decided to see what I could do in just an hour's time.

Impatiently waited in line at the check-in behind a couple of guys who had to buy memberships. Once inside, quickly undressed at my locker. Decided tonight that I would pre-lube my ass right there. I put one foot on the bench and inserted a finger with a wad of lube. I could see some guy watching me from down the hall and it made me feel slutty. Usually I wait until something is about to happen to lube, but tonight was going to be different.

With the towel around my waist I headed-off, my strategy was to not wander through the rooms section but go straight for the dark room. Always found that the horniest guys looking for ‘right-then” action congregate in the dark room.

Once in the darkroom, I walked up the steps on to the platform in one side of the room. As my eyes adjusted to the light, I could make out a big muscular tall and naked man beside me standing in front of the hole, waiting for a guy below to suck him. I played with his nipples and stroked his back a little, he was very smooth.

I decided to keep moving and see who else was in the room. Moved across the platform past a couple of guys fondling and sucking and down the steps on the other end of the platform. A couple of minutes later I was in front of the big glory hole the tall was in front of. I put my hands on his big smooth thighs and put his cock in my mouth. It quickly grew nice and fat. As I sucked him, he started to pull his hips backwards, I felt further back and felt a pair of hairy legs I hadn’t seen before. Sure enough, I felt a big cock pumping into his ass.

The tall guy was rock hard now and I pushed my face forward to be able to suck his cock while he back his hips to the rhythm of the fuck. My right hand went back and began stroking the tops furry balls and ass. After about a minute, the top put his hand on mine and positioned my hand, showing me how to squeeze his balls just way he liked it.

I felt great. I loved the communal nature of the three of us enjoying each other. I was already completely hard and horny. After a few minutes, and without cumming, the hairy top pulled out and moved. I moved back up onto to the platform, took off my towel and stood in front of one of the huge glory holes. I felt a hand on my ass. I turned around and saw a hot black guy right behind me. When started kissing and touching each other. Almost at once he put his hand on my hole. I was still a little shy about having already lubed it up. Amazing, these little remnants of modesty we hang-on to.

I put my hand on his cock which was jutting out of his towel. It was cut, probably seven inches long and really thick. We kissed again and I turned around. I felt his wide head starting inside me. The thickness was intense, but I relaxed and let him fully inside me.

He stroked me with his cock and few times really opening me up. After only a couple of minutes he pulled out and moved along. The fuck didn’t last too long, but it was a great beginning.

I turned back and faced one of the the glory holes again. I could make out a bearish figure below me. I reached down and and pushed his head toward my cock, running my had over his crew-cut. This guy knew how to suck cock. I was rock hard in his warm delicious mouth. As I was getting blown a youngish-blond-skinny-hairy with a goatee moved along beside me and started to stroke my body while he played with himself under his towel.

After several minutes of incredible blow-job, I dropped on my haunches so I could be at face level with the guy. He was handsome. A thick latin with a black mustache and chest and belly covered in short black hair. We started to kiss through the hole. I reached down and felt his cock, uncut, not to large but fully erect. He asked “Do you want that?” I said “Yes.” In a moment he was up the steps and beside me. Taller and bigger than I thought he was he almost immediately put his hand on my shoulder and turned me around; then I felt a hand on my back pushing me into the bend-over position.

He was a great fucker. He had one of those cocks that gets a lot thicker at the base. He began to screw me. Bent over on the platform, my face was at crouch level with the skinny-hairy-blond-goatee guy who had been touching me. I reached out and opened his towel, he had an amazing beautiful big cut cock. Normally, I like to give all my attention to the top who is fucking me, but tonight I decided I would suck the blond while I was getting fucked. For a second, I worried my latin guy might be turned off by me putting another cock in my mouth. Seeing me suck must have excited him even more. Soon he took my right leg and raised it so that it was resting on the top part of the big glory hole. This position gave him better access to my hole and he was fucking me hard like an animal. Seeing the latin guy pound me spread open made the blond guy even more excited, his dick grew even thicker as he was pushing it in my mouth.

I decided to reverse things. I moved my leg off the ledge and quickly stood-up turned around and bent-over so that my ass was facing the blond guy and my face the latin. Quickly, I put my mouth on his cock; giving him a loving and appreciative sucking for the pounding he had just given me. At the same time, I could feel the bond guys big cock entering my ass. By this time, my ass was sore and a little swollen, but his cock slid right in.

I looked up at the latin guy who was smiling at me; in just a couple of minutes he was exploding in my mouth, lots of cum. I stood up and we kissed sweetly, sharing his cum in our mouths.

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  1. My friend, I loved this highly erotic and sexually-charged post. I just came back from a fuck and already I'm hard again! I'm glad you started your blog.