Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Can a Bottom Feel a Rubber?

I read the great Windy City Boy Sex blog lamenting that he let a hot guy fuck him without a rubber even though he tops without a rubber. He wrote:

“ As a bottom, it was hot doing something that you is not "supposed" to be done.  But it didn't feel different as a bottom.”

It really got me thinking; is it all just in my head. Maybe I have an over sensitive ass, but I can feel the difference. (1) If i am tight, latex kind of chaffs going in at first; (2) If the fuck goes on long, and even after my ass relaxes the chaffing feeling of the condom gets worse; (3) fucking natural you don’t have to worry about what kind of lube you use; I think a lot of the water based lubes desensitizes the ass; (4) Without a rubber you feel more of the top. Just the other day I could feel my tops dick start getting bigger and harder in my ass when he got close. I never feel this when a guy has a rubber on.

None of this is to discount the profoundly heightened emotional state of experiencing a guy putting his non-rubberized dick in your ass, but I think there is a difference feel for a bottom. What do you think?

BTW: Windy CIty Boy Sex is at (I love his blog)


  1. I rarely bottom, but I definitely can tell the difference between being fucked bare and being fucked with a condom. The latex pulls and irritates the inside of my hole and makes it profoundly uncomfortable, even with a lot of lube. I've never had that sensation with bareback.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I'm not the only one who feels the burn.

  3. Thanks for the reference. I am not sure why I couldn't tell the difference, maybe it was due to being too into the moment or maybe because I don't normally bottom. I know it feels different as a top...