Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Breeding Memory and Desire

One of my fondest memories is from years ago when I lived near enough to Lafayette Park to walk there at night. This was when Lafayette Park was still a major outdoor cruising area. Sadly, no longer true. I loved walking on the circular paths under the moonlight, looking overhead at the trees in black silhouette against the sky. The search light from Alcatraz. I had a romance with the Park. Sex was sexier there.

Lafayette Park was the place I took my first anonymous load. I loved the feeling of being surrounded by the cold foggy air and feeling a warm cock in side me.

The cute blond guy, who when I asked if he came in my ass said: “Just a little.”

The middle-aged guy who secretly removed the rubber I put on his cock and said “I’m going all the way with you baby” before he came and quickly disappeared into the bushes.

My very first anonymous load was a guy in a leather jacket after we make-out for a while, he pinned me against a tree and I lowered my pants just over my ass. His cock felt so good going in. My face turned sideways against the bark, moaning, “yeah, fuck me.” After a while, he paused and put his face up to mine making eye contact. I kept saying very softly, “please fuck me, please fuck me.” Then he started to screw me harder and then moaned when he shot his cum up my ass. Afterwards we kissed under the tree for a long time. I remember the feeling of walking home knowing his was cum inside me.

Lafayette lives on in my memory.

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